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Monday 15th, January 2018    TO    Monday 5th, November 2018
An exciting course, revealing the fashion collection elaboration, from its incipient, conceptual state to the materialization of the ideas and sketches into fabric artworks.
Monday 15th, January 2018    TO    Monday 18th, June 2018
Grasp the skills and techniques of producing and constructing creative designs, exploring the transformation process from basic patterns to new shapes and styles!
Monday 15th, January 2018    TO    Monday 18th, June 2018
The first impression can make the difference, especially in the fashion world, and the portfolio is one of the most important tools for self-promotion of young designers.
Saturday 13th, January 2018    TO    Saturday 30th, June 2018
Grasp all the tricks and skills for creating a natural day wear makeup, an extravagant evening makeup and the most creative events makeup!
Tuesday 6th, February 2018    TO    Sunday 25th, February 2018
Joan: daughter, farm girl, visionary, patriot, king-whisperer, soldier, leader, victor, icon, radical, witch, heretic, saint, martyr, woman. From the torment of the Hundred Years' War, the charismatic Joan of Arc carved a victory that defined France. Bernard Shaw's classic play depicts a woman with all the instinct, zeal and transforming power of a revolutionary.
Thursday 1st, February 2018    TO    Monday 28th, May 2018
This exhibition is co-organized by Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Qiuci Institute, Art Institute of Maijishan Cave, together with Shanghai International Culture Association. We bring to Shanghai, for the first time, numerous world cultural heritages, such as murals of Quici, Xinjiang, reputed as the cradle of Chinese Buddha culture, and murals and statues of Maijishan Cave, one of the four largest grottoes in China. Crossing 5,000 km, a total of 80 art treasures will be presented as the first exhibition of Shanghai Himalayas Museum in 2018.
Saturday 3rd, February 2018    TO    Thursday 15th, March 2018
Toruk - The First Flight is a Cirque du Soleil production that brings to stage the breathtaking world of James Cameron's film Avatar. Transport yourself to the world of Pandora in a visually stunning live setting and experience a storytelling odyssey through a new world of imagination, discovery and possibility.
Thursday 18th, January 2018    TO    Tuesday 27th, February 2018
In this two hour session you will have the opportunity to make your own lipstick using natural ingredients such as beeswax, rose oil and almond oil. You will also get to choose your own color.
Wednesday 24th, January 2018    TO    Tuesday 13th, March 2018
Calligraphy is another craft which has enjoyed a recent revival in popularity. It is a great and simple way of adding a personal touch to cards, letters and stationary.