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Saturday 18th, November 2017    TO    Sunday 4th, March 2018
Founded in 2007, the Canadian Women’s Hockey League was created with two goals in mind— to create a place for the highest-level women’s hockey players to continue to compete and hone their skills, and to create a future for the sport of women’s hockey.
Friday 17th, November 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
The Ancient Shanghai Tour takes you back in time to see what remains of Shanghai’s ancient past, including the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644AD) Yu Yuan Gardens and Taoist City God Temple.
Friday 17th, November 2017    TO    Thursday 31st, May 2018
This tour focuses on the plight of the Jews that managed to escape to Shanghai from Nazi Europe.
Thursday 23rd, November 2017    TO    Wednesday 27th, December 2017
Thursday 16th, November 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
Wednesday 22nd, November 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
Friday 1st, December 2017    TO    Monday 30th, April 2018
Located at the boundary between downtown Sanya City and Baoting County, the Hainan Binglanggu Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park is also known as Binglanggu Valley or Betelnut Valley. Thousands of tall and straight betel trees stretch miles along the valley and in this sea of betel trees hides an appealing attraction - the Binglanggu Valley. That’s also how it gets this beautiful name. With rich intangible cultural heritages and tropical landscapes, it is acclaimed as a living fossil that manifests fully the culture of Hainan Island.
Friday 1st, December 2017    TO    Monday 30th, April 2018
Situated in a lush forest setting, the resort complex offers a variety of hot spring pools to relax in, ranging in color, size, and temperature, including aromatic pools. Indulge in a reinvigorating massage, hang out in the water with a refreshing coconut drink, or head to the therapeutic fish spa, where thousands of tiny fish nibble at your feet, leaving them exfoliated.
Thursday 30th, November 2017    TO    Monday 31st, December 2018
Welcome to the journey of Jason's mental world. Jason was quite a good boy while he has been tortured for a long time since his terrible childhood. In this haunted house of Jason's dreamland, is anyone out there who has the nerve to explore it?