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Tuesday 10th, October 2017    TO    Sunday 7th, January 2018
Hello, My Name is Paul Smith is a touring exhibition showcasing the fashion designer's journey in building his company, as well as his stylistic tastes and eye for design. It combines the artistic and the business aspects of running a fashion brand and gives the audience a glimpse into the designer's world, helping people understand the interactions between operating within an industry as a business and within the fashion world as a designer and artist.
Sunday 1st, October 2017    TO    Monday 25th, December 2017
An unprecedented exhibition displaying one of the biggest private collections of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali opens at Yitian Holiday Plaza ,Shenzhen. The museum is presenting the “Dali and Picasso” exhibition with a collection of over 200 original artworks by the greatest contemporary artists, owned by the world’s fourth biggest collector and exhibition lead Alexander Shadrin from Russia.
Saturday 30th, September 2017    TO    Tuesday 2nd, January 2018
The featured exhibition Neighborhood Earth has come to Shanghai! It is the debut in China of the exhibition during its world wide tour after the premiere in US Space & Rocket Center in February this year. The opening date is scheduled on Sep.30.
Friday 13th, October 2017    TO    Saturday 31st, March 2018
Wednesday 11th, October 2017    TO    Saturday 31st, March 2018
Monday 2nd, October 2017    TO    Wednesday 27th, February 2019
Wednesday 25th, October 2017    TO    Friday 29th, December 2017
She Loves Me follows Amalia and Georg, two parfumerie clerks who aren’t quite the best of friends. Constantly bumping heads while on the job, the sparring coworkers can’t seem to find common ground. But little do they know the anonymous pen pals they have both been falling for happen to be each other! Will love continue to blossom once their identities are finally revealed?
Friday 13th, October 2017    TO    Saturday 31st, March 2018
What a better way to experience the “City That Never Sleeps” than hopping on one of our vintage Forever bicycles and explore a whole New World after dark??Follow our foreign expert Tour Leader on a multi-themed route from the narrow streets of the Old Town all the way to the dazzling lights of the Bund.