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Thursday 3rd, August 2017    TO    Sunday 31st, December 2017
Spiral Acrobatic Show is consistently voted one of the best acrobatic shows in the city, taking it's inspiration from modern life - it immerses the viewer in a modern take of the traditional acrobatics shows everyone loves.
Saturday 9th, September 2017    TO    Thursday 1st, March 2018
Every week, right on the outskirts of Shanghai, the peaceful and ancient water town Zhujiajiao lights up with one of China’s most creative and unique contemporary music performances.
Sunday 27th, August 2017    TO    Sunday 17th, December 2017
Considered either as a comedy or a romance, Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale contains his most famous and challenging stage direction:"Exit, pursued by a bear".
Tuesday 22nd, August 2017    TO    Monday 1st, January 2018
This is a 200% participatory musical show, in which ALL participants receive several musical instruments during the performance.
Saturday 9th, September 2017    TO    Tuesday 27th, February 2018
Thursday 21st, September 2017    TO    Sunday 31st, December 2017
HOW Art Museum (Shanghai) is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition MANIFESTO: Julian Rosefeldt. Works 2005-2017, on view from September 20 to December 31, 2017.
Saturday 5th, August 2017    TO    Saturday 13th, January 2018
Thursday 12th, October 2017    TO    Saturday 31st, March 2018
Relax on comfortable, beautifully restored vintage Chinese bicycles. Discover real Chinese culture - immerse yourself - with an expert tour leader bringing the city to life.
Saturday 23rd, September 2017    TO    Friday 31st, August 2018
Are you curious about Shanghai’s nighttime food scene? As the sun sets and the woks fire up along the city’s fast-disappearing food streets, you’ll sample authentic dishes from several vendors, restaurants and local eateries – all of which adds up one delicious Shanghai supper.