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Saturday 9th, September 2017    TO    Thursday 1st, March 2018
Every week, right on the outskirts of Shanghai, the peaceful and ancient water town Zhujiajiao lights up with one of China’s most creative and unique contemporary music performances.
Saturday 1st, July 2017    TO    Sunday 31st, December 2017
Floatasian is a luxurious, Swedish floatation spa in Shanghai that provides a unique gravity-free experience.
Sunday 25th, June 2017    TO    Saturday 4th, November 2017
Chinese Football Association Super League - Shanghai SIPG Home Games
Saturday 1st, July 2017    TO    Monday 1st, January 2018
Saturday 5th, August 2017    TO    Saturday 13th, January 2018
Saturday 9th, September 2017    TO    Tuesday 27th, February 2018
The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) is a pan-Eurasian ice hockey movement, that was established in 2008. Its predecessor was the Russian Hockey League. The KHL and North America's NHL are recognized as the world's top two hockey leagues. The KHL spans an audience of 40 million in more than 20 countries.
Saturday 23rd, September 2017    TO    Wednesday 29th, November 2017
Are you curious about Shanghai’s nighttime food scene? As the sun sets and the woks fire up along the city’s fast-disappearing food streets, you’ll sample authentic dishes from several vendors, restaurants and local eateries – all of which adds up one delicious Shanghai supper.
Wednesday 20th, September 2017    TO    Wednesday 25th, October 2017
The Pearl invites you to witness a timeless story with a new twist. A young girl on a sensual journey through the dark seductive corners of her soul. Her soul? Your soul? Loose yourself, as the lines between fantasy and reality magically disappear.
Saturday 30th, September 2017    TO    Sunday 26th, November 2017
The featured exhibition Neighborhood Earth has come to Shanghai! It is the debut in China of the exhibition during its world wide tour after the premiere in US Space & Rocket Center in February this year. The opening date is scheduled on Sep.30.