Your Perfect Golden Week Holiday Awaits

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by Parents and Kids | Wed, September 13, 2017

By Connor Bell

Digging around to find awesome travel deals for your October National Week holiday, check out these awesome locations for different budgets.

Under 20K



OK, so this one may be a little over the 20k budget, but it’s totally worth it. Okinawa, considered the Hawaii of Japan, is made up of over 150 islands, the largest being ‘Okinawa’ Island. This Japanese prefecture is absolutely stunning with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, tropical climate and coral reefs. Many of the resorts and companies offer a myriad of water sports and excursions making it an absolutely unforgettable trip for the family. Flights are usually reasonably priced, but you’ll be looking at an average cost of around ¥4,000-¥5,000 per person (depending on dates of course) during October Holiday. It’s only a quick two hour and 10 minute flight which will have you on the beaches soaking in the rays in no time. For accomodation, you'll get good value for your money. We recommend checking out the Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort, complete with an Ocean Park on the beach for the kids and a plethora of water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing (from ages three and up) and even a ‘Junior Submarine’ to explore the underwater world. Five nights at the Intercontinental will cost around ¥2,000.



For more of a cultural getaway, perhaps for families with older kids, you should definitely check out Chengdu. We cannot promise you won’t see Jinli Street jam-packed with tourists, or even Renmin Park overcrowded, but you’ll definitely have an enjoyable time while there! Located in Sichuan Province, and most famously known for the Giant Panda Reserve, Chengdu has a lot going for it. Stroll through the many famous temples, visit the ‘Wide and Narrow Alley’ to sample some scorpion, take part in a craft workshop or shop at small boutiques, or visit Renmin Park for boating and rides galore for the kids. Amazingly, the flights are super cheap and will only set you back around ¥2,000 per person during Golden Week. For a decent, family-friendly hotel with an indoor pool, you’re looking at spending ¥4,000-5,000 for five nights. Not cheap by any means, but you’ll be happy sitting poolside sipping a Mai Tai for sure. 

Under 10K



This beautiful town is set in one of the most picturesque backdrops of unique mountains, traditional architecture and the stunning Li River. We aren’t promising that you will avoid the crowds and swarms of tourists, but if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, Yangshuo is the place to do it. If you’d rather not stay in the hustle and bustle, book yourself in to a mountain-top retreat and spend your week hiking, biking and swimming in the river. To get to Yangshuo, you’ll have to fly in to Guilin and make your way from there. We do not recommend staying in Guilin if you want to keep your sanity during this busy time of year. Flights to Guilin will cost about ¥2,000 direct from Shanghai. Once in Yangshuo, a mountain-side, economy hotel will come in around ¥1,500-¥2,000 for five nights.This is definitely pushing the budget but you won’t be spending much once you’re nestled away in the beautiful, sprawling countryside.

LiShui Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces

If planning a do-it-yourself trip is beyond your brain’s capabilities after this long, hot summer, why not book a trip with Traveler’s Society; they will do everything for you! This October holiday, Traveler’s Society is heading up a fantastic-looking trip to LiShui Rice Terraces – a three day trip suitable for families with kids aged three and above. Once you have arrived in LiShui, you and the family will embark on an epic three-day adventure of trekking, mountain biking through tea terraces, sleeping in a small village, learning how to make traditional masks, watching the sunrise, visiting ancient villages and even throwing a bonfire party amongst the rice terraces. They’ve got every day covered and packed with a ton of fun activities, all you have to do is get there! An early-bird ticket to this adventurous excursion will only set you back ¥1,599 per person, before September 14th. They recommend traveling by train, which you will have to book now if you want to secure a spot. The two-hour train ride will only cost you ¥170 each.

Under 5K

Trekking Underground Rivers


OK, we apologize, this one is a whopping ¥196 over budget but it includes everything! For those of you with older kids (trip is suitable for children over six), Traveler’s Society has a three-day awesome adventure trek lined up for you if you’re looking to get the kids out in to nature, pushing their limits and conquering fears. You’ll be lined up with a private bus to get you and your family off to the heart of China to take part in exploring underground waterfalls, rappelling into caves, cliff walking, fireworks, bonfire parties and camping beneath the stars each night. If you book before September 19th, this all-inclusive trip is ¥1,299 per person. No hidden fees, no extra costs, everything included.



Located in Qingpu District of Shanghai, Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town that sees thousands of tourists each year. You would think it would be packed over the October holiday, but we actually heard from a few sources that due to the fact that everyone leaves Shanghai during the holiday, Zhujiajiao is actually quite peaceful and less crowded than usual. Dubbed the Venice of Shanghai, Zhujiajiao is a great escape for any family and is perfect for those that just want some R&R. Just a short hour and 10 minute drive from downtown Shanghai allows you to skip the buses, trains, and even subway. We checked out how much it would cost you to hire a Didi and, surprisingly, you’ll only be charged about ¥180 one way for a normal car, or ¥290 for a six-seater van. Waterside hotels and inns are at a premium during the holiday and will cost about ¥800 per night. We recommend only staying for a night or two as you will be able to visit all attractions, temples and quaint ancient shops within that time, but it’ll be a lovely little break from the city.