WATCH: Concordia International School Shanghai 'Kids Talk'

Saved by the bell

by SHFamily | Mon, September 04, 2017

Each month, Shanghai Family visits a variety of schools to interview kids on a range of different subjects. This September, we met with students at Concordia International School Shanghai, to find out why they're excited to be going back to school after the long summer break.

With new friends, soccer class and fresh challenges ahead, it's going to be a busy semester!

Watch the video here!

Meet the kids

"I'm excited to be back, because I get to see friends from all over the world. I'm also looking forward to joining the Concordia soccer team."

Jackson, age 11, USA

“I really like historical fiction, so I’m looking forward to when the teacher says you have 45 minutes to write a story!”

Madalie, age 11, USA

“Being with my friends and teachers again. I’m also looking forward to math class. I think I’d like to be an investor when I’m older.”

John, age 11, Canada

“I’m really excited to see my friends, and to get back into a schedule and do something productive!”

Aoife, age 12, USA

“International day is really exciting, because I get to dress up in traditional Korean outfits.”

Jiwon, age 12, South Korea

“I haven’t seen my friends in a while so I’m really excited to hang out with them again.”

Crystal, age 12, USA

“I’m looking forward to Mandarin and science. I love Mandarin because it’s fun to learn a new language.”

Paige, 12, USA

“The most exciting thing for me is the musical; to learn how to act. You get more confidence and feel better when you perform.”

Enrico, age 11, Brazil

“I’m looking forward to our school choir, because I’ve never done it before but I think I’ll really like it.”

Mallory, age 12, USA