Straight-Up Momma: The Dino’s and More at Gucun Park

Look, it's a T-Rex!

by Nicole Chia | Wed, December 06, 2017

I love exploring new and quirky things in Shanghai and, although I was trying to save Gucun Park for cherry blossom season (which is apparently when this park shines), I decided to give it a whirl with the family on a Sunday to check out their Dinosaur attractions. I mean, most kids love Dinosaurs so even if it’s totally lame I can still be like, “but look a T-Rex!” and they’ll happily forget that half of it’s tail is missing. 

The entrance fee for the Dinosaur park was ¥40 for adults and half price for those 100-130cm (entrance to Gucun Park was included) and I was pleasantly surprised about how UN-lame it was! I mean…ok it was a bit lame. It had this one area where it had animatronic dinosaurs playing in a rock band to music from One Direction, but the Triceratops on the drums only moved one drumstick every 30 seconds, two other dinosaurs had broken down, and the one on guitar was playing some other song entirely. It reminded me of being six and at a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese where the robots sing happy birthday and it’s a perfect mix of fascinating and terrifying. 

The Dino park in itself was way bigger than I thought – Gucun park itself is quite huge – and includes lots of different animatronic dinosaurs and large scale dinosaurs that were probably the most impressive statues of their kind I have seen. You could stand under one of them and get a sense of how massive these creatures could have been. There were even some dinosaur tableau’s where carnivores had attacked and eaten their prey with maximum-carnage that my four-year-old was fascinated with! The only thing missing was a replica large-scale dinosaur poop that the kids could use as a climbing structure or slide. I’m going to write up a proposal for that now though, because I’m sure it would be the most popular part of the park! 

After you enter the gates there is also a ticket booth for an optional 4D movie and a 3D picture taking area. We opted to go for the picture taking area mostly because just inside the doors I saw a giant Totoro and knew I needed my picture with it! The entire thing was way more entertaining than I thought it would be and it gave us the opportunity to get some really fun shots while being the only ones in there!  

There was also a small museum with real dinosaur fossils including eggs which was my favourite part until Oren screamed “STOP LOOKING AT THE BORING ROCKS MOM!”

If you get a chance and you’re looking for something new and different to kill a day on the weekend definitely check out Gucun’s Dinosaur Park especially if you have kids who love dinosaurs!