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Spa Pick: Yu Massage

120 minutes of pure relaxation at Yu Massage

by Abbie Pumarejo | Fri, March 24, 2017


Upon entering Yu Massage off of Huang Pi Bei Lu near People’s Square we were instantly transported out of the hustle of the city and into a quiet retreat. Ascending the stairs, we felt we were in someone’s private home, noting the carefully appointed interior of Chinese antiques dotting the main reception area and the individual rooms. We were offered a seat on a comfortable leather couch and given a soothing cup of sweet jujube tea while waiting in the cozy space.

Jujube tea is said to have soothing properties, assist in muscle relaxation and also tastes delicious. An attendant took our shoes and stored them in a cabinet and offered us comfy bamboo slippers. We chose the Peeling Beauty (¥443) Sea Salt Exfoliation for Body and Aroma Oil Massage for a total of 120 minutes. Before heading into a private room for our treatment, we were presented with a variety of oils (each offering a different purpose) for the aromatherapy part of the massage. We were spoiled for choice with delicious smelling Jasmine, Sandalwood, Lavender and more. We almost chose Orange for its energizing scent, but eventually settled on the Slimming blend, figuring a scrub and slimming oil would be most welcome to pamper our weary skin.



We were then escorted to our treatment room, where we lay face down on the cushiony table. The technician let us try the salt scrub on our hand before the treatment began. The salt scrub mixture was just brisk enough to keep us alert and simultaneously relaxing. Our legs, arms, back and chest were thoroughly polished for thirty minutes. We were then sent to rinse off in a private shower to prepare for the main part of this treatment- the oil massage. While the scrub kept us alert, the soothing and expertly done massage transported us into a dream-like state.



For 90 minutes the therapist kneaded and smoothed our muscles, paying close attention to our back along the spine and between the shoulders, working out all the knots that seem to occur after sitting hunched at a computer for hours. The additional approach of using warm towels to wipe away the oil for every section of the body adds to the sense of warmth and relaxation. We were gently awakened and offered another cup of jujube tea, feeling ready to step back into reality, with our skin glowing and all tension gone. Yu Massage recently received an Honorable Mention as Outstanding Spa in our 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards and has a variety of locations throughout the city. Each one will offer an oasis of spa-like calm from everyday city life.

Find it:

Address: 199 Huang Pi Bei Lu (near Weihai Lu)

Phone: 6315 2915

Other Yu Massage locations:

Yu Massage (Xikang Lu) - 484 Xikang Lu, by Kangding Lu 西康路484号,近康定路 (6266 9233) 

Yu Massage (Xinle Lu) - 2/F, 218 Xinle Lu, by Donghu Lu 新乐路218号2楼,近东湖路 (5403 0013)