Perfect Family Party Games for the Holiday!

Sit back and relax while your kids enjoy these

by Parents and Kids | Thu, December 14, 2017

By Connor Bell

Get out your calendars, folks. December has arrived and January is fast approaching. What does that mean? Holiday parties! Though we all love the wonderful atmosphere at Christmas and New Year, this time of year fills up our schedules with school parties, dinners, holiday festivities, and gatherings galore, and all of that stuff needs some serious forethought, especially when it comes to keeping the kids entertained. And that’s where we come in. Here are some great party game ideas that the kids will absolutely love, meaning you can sit back, relax, and sip a spiked hot chocolate.

Kids Party

Snowman Bowling

Have the kids decorate paper cups to look like snowmen. Stack them in a pyramid shape and each child takes turns rolling a small ball toward the tower, knocking over the cups. This is particularly good for little ones as it helps them with their motor skills when rebuilding the pyramid, and can be great for older kids if you challenge them to construct more difficult structures.

Play time: 20 minutes.

Candy Cane Fishing

This is yet another super simple game to set up for the kids in the house. Tie a string or ribbon to the end of a stick, ruler, or even a large spoon. Tie the other end of the ribbon to a candy cane, making sure the hook is on the bottom. Now place cups full of candy canes around the house. Challenge the kids to "fish" for candy canes and see who can get the most! Count ‘em up when the cups are all empty and name a winner. As a reward, the kids can enjoy one candy cane at the end.

Play time: 30 minutes

Whipped Cream Snowball Toss

Set the kids up in a play room, on the balcony or in the kitchen (somewhere that can easily be cleaned) and present them with ping pong or Styrofoam "snowballs". Have them elect one child to be the "keeper" and don a shower cap. Once the cap is securely on their head, cover the cap with whipped cream and have them sit on a chair. The kids must now take turns gently tossing the ping pong balls and trying to get them to stick in the whipped cream.

This will result in a belly full of laughs and a lot of silly fun as the whipped cream sprays and spurts everywhere with each landing of a ball.

Play time: 20 minutes

Cling Wrap Candy Ball

What child doesn’t love candy? What kid doesn’t love opening presents? No one – on both counts! This game will take you a little while to set up but the payo is great as it’ll keep the kids occupied for ages! To make a cling wrap ball, first you’ll have to procure an assortment of candy, toys, or other kids items, making sure you choose a great one for the final prize. Start with the most expensive or final prize item and wrap it into a ball with several layers of cling wrap. You want to make sure the game lasts as long as possible so be generous with the wrap! Once the center of the ball has been formed, start adding different prizes/candy to the outside and wrapping again (make sure no two prizes are in the same layer). As your ball gets bigger, keep adding more wrap – you can even begin wrapping the opposite direction to make it more difficult.

Once your ball has been created, gather the kids and have them sit in a circle. Decide who will go first and have them hold the ball. Give two dice to another child in the circle and instruct the kids to one-by-one unwrap the ball as quickly as they can while the other child rolls the dice. As soon as the second child rolls "doubles" the unwrapper must stop and pass the ball to the next child and begin the process again. Whatever toys/prizes are unwrapped during their turn, the kids get to keep!

Play time: 30 minutes

Bauble Shake

This one is an absolute blast for the kids and they simply won’t be able to get enough of it! Collect some small (ping pong ball sized) ornaments that you don’t mind being broken or squished in the name of fun. Next, fill an empty tissue box with the ornaments and use a string (or better yet, pantyhose) to tie the box around a child’s waist and secured to their backside.

Instruct the tissue box wearer to shake their backside until all of the ornaments have fallen out. You can time them or simply have the other kids cheer on their friend as they shake, rattle, and roll to empty the contents of the box.

Play time: Until they get tired!