Museums and Galleries to Visit at the West Bund

5 must-see places at Shanghai's fastest-growing cultural hub

by SHFamily | Thu, February 09, 2017

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Quickly becoming a world-class arts and culture hub, the West Bund is a great place to explore some of the city's best galleries and museums. Just hop on the metro (line 11) and get off at Yunjin Road Station. Take exit 6, walk for about 5 minutes, and you'll find yourself in a very different world than The Bund's eastern counterpart. Be sure to check out these five hot spots:


Long Museum

Boasting one of the world’s largest private art collections, Long Museum holds rotating exhibitions of ancient Chinese masterpieces, ‘red classics’ and contemporary Chinese art, as well as contemporary works from artists of Asia and Europe. Unlike the typical closed designs of ordinary museums, Long Museum encourages public involvement and promotes a sense of space and openness. This was the original intention of founders Mr Liu Yiqian and Mrs Wang Wei, who sought to create the perfect environment for the promotion of cultural education for the public by including a courtyard, café, concert hall, a river-view restaurant, a bookstore, art shop, and an exhibition hall for children.

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm

Address: 3398 Longteng Da Dao (near Fenglin Lu); 龙腾大道3398号 (近枫林路)



MadeIn Gallery

Dedicated to promoting the work of talented international artists as well as younger, lesser-known talents, MadeIn opened its doors in 2014. The space was originally formed in M50 by artist Xu Zhen and his MadeIn Company and has held exhibitions ranging from whimsical to modern, displaying everything from cartoons to modern sculptures. The gallery also hosts workshops. See the website for details and upcoming events. 

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-7pm

Address: Rm. 106, 2879 Longteng Da Dao (near Fenggu Lu); 龙腾大道2879号106室 (近丰谷路)





Exhibiting the works of Zhou Tiehaj, Ding Yi, and Wu Yiming among others in Shanghai dedicated to innovation, experiment and a genuine search for truth through artistic expression, ShanghART gallery is not a ‘streamlined’ gallery. It is unrivalled by any on the West Bund. Covering all media forms including photography, video, paint and ink, its key goal is to create a home for Chinese contemporary art, supporting the artists and encouraging it’s audience to interpret and understand the world through art.

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-6pm

Address: Bldg. 10, 2555 Longteng Da Dao (near Fenggu Lu); 龙腾大道2555号10号楼 (近丰谷路)



Shanghai Center of Photography

With a dedication solely to photography, SCoP is quite a recent, yet unmissable addition to the West Bunds’ art and cultural center. Operating as part-museum, part-gallery, it showcases local as well as international archival and contemporary photography in journalism, fashion, media and social history. It also presents workshops, lectures and publications seeking to inspire audiences and artists with a new perspective.

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 10:30am-5:30pm

Address: 2555-1 Longteng Da Dao (near Fenggu Lu); 龙腾大道2555-1号 (近丰谷路)



Yuz Museum

Set inside a former airplane hangar, this unique gallery is one of the most remarkable galleries on the West Bund, and a definite must-see. Boasting an area of 9000 sqm, the gallery is able to host large-scale installations as impressive as the space itself. As a non-profit organization, it aims to promote the development of modern art, and to create an awareness, understanding and appreciation of contemporary works among Shanghai locals, tourists and expats alike. 

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-9pm (10am-12am on Friday and Saturdays)

Address: 35 Fenggu Lu (near Longteng Da Dao); 丰谷路35号 (近龙腾大道)