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Face the new year with these tips on the latest cosmetics trends

by Alex Sheffield | Fri, October 07, 2016

With the festive season over until Chinese New Year, it’s time to look ahead to what lies in store for your makeup bag in 2016. If you fancy updating your style or perhaps trying something new as a one-off, celebrities and big brands can offer inspiration – but just where do their ideas come from?


With over 20 years in the beauty and health industry, Michelle Yeh, founder and CEO of Shanghai-based beauty brand GREEN & Gorgeous (previously myLOHAS Beauty), encourages women to have their own style. “What suits your skin tone, your personality, the look you are trying to create and the outfit you are wearing is much more important” than copying trends, says Yeh.


Stephy Chen of MAC Cosmetics Shanghai - which works with high-end fashion designers and stylists to present the latest makeup trends for each season via the catwalk or glossy magazines - explains how the brand looks for inspiration everywhere: from culture, nature or even a character in a cartoon. “Individuality is truly key. Don’t follow the trends if they don’t fit you, and have your own personality show through while adapting [current] ideas,” she advises.


East and West

Although Western trends are filtering through, Chen explains how the East still has different standards of beauty. “In general, we [in China] focus more on skin, brow and lips; we are not as daring as Westerners to try color on our eyes!” she says.



Yeh sees a big difference between local Chinese clients and Western expats. “[Chinese] women put less emphasis on color,” she explains. “When it comes to makeup, they put much more focus on their complexion, preferring a fair skin tone, so they use foundation and powder before spending a long time drawing their eyebrows. Everything else seems secondary. Sometimes they use lipstick or lip gloss, but that’s about it.”


What’s hot

As predicted by our experts, the runway shows for Spring / Summer 2016 (SS16) are very much in favor of adapting styles for the individual, in contrast to years past, when models sported exactly the same look. Make your Winter 2015 and SS16 ideas as extreme or tame as you want.


Get the Look: Slept-in eye makeup

MAC informs us that smoky eyes have evolved for Winter 2015 to the most recent trend of “slept-in” makeup - perfect for a casual dinner or even a night out dancing:



Step 1:

Circle black or gray-black eyeliner into the inner rim of your eyelids. For an extra wow factor, apply the liner around the outside of your lashes as well. Blink your eyes several times, then use a blending brush to finish the look if required.

Optional: Really go all the way and use a tapered brush to apply black eyeshadow to the edge of your eyelid, close to your lash line, before smudging again.


Step 2:

Apply a generous amount of mascara from root to tip – the heavy and messy works well.


Step 3:

Complete this dramatic look by creating natural yet luminous skin. As the main focus will be your eyes, simply highlight the areas where the light naturally hits the face with a soft shimmer blush or powder.


Product Recommendations:

• MAC Eye Kohl, Smolder, RMB170

• MAC Year of the Monkey Small Eyeshadow, Carbon, RMB155

• MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara, RMB280


Get the Look: Strobing

No, we don’t mean a light show for your slow-mo dance moves. “Strobing,” which has become very popular over the past year, compliments your facial structure, enhancing where the light naturally reflects to give you a healthy, shimmering complexion.



Step 1:

Fully cleanse and then moisturize your face with a good hydrating face cream.


Step 2:

Apply your base foundation (or only powder, if preferred) before adding the highlights. If you’re looking for a very subtle effect, you can highlight before applying your foundation or powder.


Step 3:

Check in the mirror where the light naturally bounces off your face. This is most commonly the top of the cheekbones, just under the edge of your eyebrows or above the bridge of your nose and/or just above your top lip in the center.


Step 4:

Start with just a small amount of highlighter and dab on and around the required area (using your finger works great for this). Add more as required, but build it up slowly.


Product Recommendation:

• Benefit High Beam or Sun Beam Face Highlighter, RMB250


Get the Look: Plump lips

“Berry colors were a huge hit at runway shows from London to Paris, Milan and New York,” explains Yeh of GREEN & Gorgeous. From soft pastel pinks like those of Dolce & Gabbana to the ultimate gold statement lips from Prada, SS16 runways showcased full or plump lips - change the shade depending on your mood.



Step 1:

Prepare your luscious lips by gently exfoliating. Use a soft toothbrush to gently rub over your lips with warm water, or rinse with warm water and gently rub/pat dry with a clean towel. Apply a small amount of your favorite lip moisturizer, patting off any excess with a tissue or towel.


Step 2:

If you want to add more definition and help your lipstick remain in place, consider using a lip liner. Try to go one or two shades lighter than your lipstick, and slowly trace the contour of your lips (Tip: Try working from the inside out to help keep the lines symmetrical).


Step 3:

Apply your chosen color using a lipstick brush if you have one. If not, apply lightly and directly into the center of your lips, then blot your lips together to help even out the color. Repeat this by adding a little more to the sides if required. Blot again against a folded tissue to remove the excess.


Step 4:

For a matte effect that will hold through at least a few glasses of wine, open a piece of tissue paper so that you have just one very thin layer. Place this over the top of your closed lips and, using a large makeup brush, gently pat loose face powder over the top to seal in the lipstick.


Product Recommendations:

• SKIN CO. Lipstick, Blossom, RMB320

• SKIN CO. Lipstick, Ruby Red, RMB320

• SKIN CO. Lipstick, Summer Sands, RMB320 Adapt these 2016 makeup trends to fit your own wardrobe and personality, and you’ll be all set to face the new year in style.


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