Interview with SJ Wei, Head of Interior Design at the naked Group

She tells us about the inspiration behind the innovative coworking brand in Shanghai

by SHFamily | Tue, April 18, 2017

What would you say is the style of naked Group?

The naked Group brand DNA is fresh, inspiring and a return to nature. We chose to use natural materials, such as bamboo and raw wood, and other sustainable materials to give our spaces a clean and fresh look and feel. 

How is the interior design unique from other coworking spaces? 

The naked Hub was designed to facilitate interactions and connections among all different types of professionals, across different industries and company sizes. Therefore, when we designed naked Hub we focused on the public spaces. We decided to have the public space take up nearly 25 percent of the entire venue space, making sure to include a bar, green wall and comfortable sofas, seats and tables to encourage hubbers to come in the public space and engage in conversation with other hubbers. Each location also offers 24/7 access with security, free flow beer, coffee and soft drinks, as well as plenty of flexibility for working, meeting and other activities.

Is each naked Hub identical in design and style? 

Though each of the locations share common design elements that are in line with the brand DNA, they are not identical. Each naked Hub features creative graphics throughout the space. We also make sure that each location pays homage to local Chinese culture; each Hub has a story behind it that relates it to the identity of its community. For instance, naked Hub in Xintiandi is designed in a chic style with a fashion runway theme echoing the stylish area it is located in, and the new Hub on Xikang Lu, which is inside a large shopping mall, features shipping containers to showcase the commercial element of that area. These local flares help hubbers connect more with their surroundings and embrace the local culture.

Why design naked Hub in this way?

The concept of naked Hub is to build up a community where hubbers can interact with each other, share information, and offer their business insights and expertise. It was important to have each of the hubs to be designed in such a way to encourage creative thinking, dynamic interactions and positivity. That is why it was very important for us to choose locations that are well-lit by natural light and offer large public spaces in order to allow our hubbers to interact with one another and truly embrace the co-working experience. 

The Last Word

What can’t you live without? Family, they give me strength all the time

What inspires your designs? Human behavior, nature, environment and traveling

Favorite pasttime: Telling silly jokes with friends over delicious food

Describe a typical hubber: Everyone can be one

Interview by Taylor Chang