How to Maintain Clean Air in Your Home

We talk to the experts at IQAir to get advice

by Abbie Pumarejo | Mon, March 06, 2017

SF: What can we look forward to in 2017? Will air quality be better or similar to last year? 

IQAir: It is hard to predict whether the air quality in Shanghai will get better or not. The Shanghai government unveiled its plan to improve air quality in October 2013, which set the goal of reducing Shanghai PM 2.5 levels by 20% from 2012 levels. By 2017, we certainly hope they can reach the goal. However, terrible air pollution can arrive acutely. We recommend that everyone is prepared for serious Shanghai air pollution by keeping masks on hand and having air purifiers in both the home and office. Rather than waiting for a drop in AQI (Air Quality Index) it is always important to take precautions.


SF: Do you think the ban on public smoking will have any significant effect on the air quality?

IQAir: The smoking ban could slightly improve the air quality, but it won’t have a significant effect. Instead, the ban on heavy polluting vehicles, and an upgrade of industrial companies’ facilities to reduce factory emissions would be more effective on air quality control.  


SF: What can people do in their homes to offset bad air quality days?

IQAir: Turning on your air purifiers is the best thing to do. If you don’t have air purifiers, you should consider getting some.


SF: Do air purifiers really make a difference–and how can we tell?

IQAir: A fine air purifier can make a huge difference in our daily life. IQAir’s mechanical filtration captures 99.95% of all particles down to 0.003 microns and airborne chemicals. You can literally breathe the difference on seriously air polluted days. In addition, we provide indoor air quality assessments. Before and after air quality data will show you the powerful performance of our air purifiers.


SF: Do you recommend different air purifiers for different kinds of dwellings?

IQAir: Yes, for a normal-sized apartment, IQAir Healthpro 250 is perfect for both particle and chemical removal. For a large apartment or villa, we recommend IQAir Cleanzone SL to achieve safer air quality quicker. Something to note: in a newly decorated apartment, formaldehyde removal is critical. For this we recommend IQAir GC Multigas to remove chemicals and odors.


SF: Does your company offer home/company evaluations?

IQAir: Sure, we offer indoor air quality assessment (particle level down to 0.3 microns) and provide professional indoor clean air solutions for both residential and commercial clients for free.


SF: What kind of warranty or longevity do IQAir purifiers have?

IQAir: Warranties differ and depend on home or office use. For home we provide a three-year warranty, and for office we provide a one-year warranty. Regarding longevity of IQAir air purifiers, the lifespan of our models could be more than 20 years. As long as you change the filters regularly, the whole system efficiency is always the same.  


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