Healthy Habits: Our 2018 Goals and Resolutions

Make 2018 the best yet

by SHFamily | Fri, December 29, 2017

Now that you've read through the key areas of reflections for your 2018 resolutions, here's a handy little exercise to really get you started on making those promises to yourself come true in the new year. 

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  • 1 notebook
  • 1 black/blue ink pen
  • 2-3 colored pencils or highlighter pens
  • The will and desire to spend 30-60 minutes working out what YOU want and HOW you will achieve it.


1. Open your note book to the first page.

2. Start with the first “R” at Review and work your way through the rest (refresh, renew, reduce, ready for action). List out and write in as much detail as you can your recipe for success.

3. List out all the goals, visions and ideal outcomes for yourself, plus the challenges you will face, and how you will face each challenge.

4. Allow yourself sometime to reflect in the coming weeks, and add to and edit your 2018 goals book.

5. Remember to stay flexible when it comes to change, be open to new opportunities, and stay true to what you want to achieve.