Get Packing for Summer!

Tips and tricks to help you travel in style.

by Cidonie Richards | Mon, June 12, 2017

With summer vacations just around the corner and many of us gearing up for traveling, we’ve rounded up the latest products and tips to help you travel in style and comfort.

The low-down

  • Pack heavier items first and always put shoes on the bottom so they don’t crush everything.
  • Minimize creasing of delicate garments by laying sheets of tissue paper between clothes. Have you ever wondered why stores fold your new purchase in tissue paper? Now you know!
  • Run belts around the inside wall of a suitcase or roll them and fit inside a shoe.
  • Keep shoes and handbags in fabric or plastic shoe bags to prevent excess dirt and dust.
  • Take spare plastic bags for dirty or wet clothes.
  • Pack a few extra coat hangers as there are never ever enough in hotels.
  • If going to the beach, pack a beach bag, which can double as an in-flight bag on the way back.
  • Pack the kids’ clothes in a separate suitcase from yours for quick access and to minimize clothes getting mixed up.

Create a packing list

  • If your kids are old enough, let them write down a packing list ahead of time and ask them to check it all off before packing.
  • Also create a list for yourself and check it off before you pack. You may think you know what you want to pack, but you’d be surprised how many things you will forget without a detailed list. Little things like sun cream, insect spray, first-aid kits and medicines are often forgotten.

Ziplock bags

This is one of the best ideas for traveling with multiplae children and is a lifesaver on long flights or late nights getting into hotels:

  • Set out your children’s clothes into days, roll each day’s worth and seal them into a ziplock bag with their name and the day on it. Don’t underestimate the humble plastic ziplock bag.
  • Mark extra bags with just pajamas and one with swimmers. Not only will these bags pack well, but you and the kids can also see what is needed each day. This saves time if you’re moving from one hotel to the next, and clothes won’t get mixed up in the suitcase, which can prevent sibling fights!
  • When you’re done, use the bags for garbage, shell collections, wet clothes – you name it.

Travel tips for kids

  • Always pack some of their favorite snacks in your suitcase for when you arrive at your destination and in your in-flight bag for the flight. While the majority of flights will offer some type of snack, these are not always kid-friendly, and you may arrive to the hotel outside restaurant times.
  • Let kids pack their favorite toy or blanket; it acts as a comfort item and provides a sense of familiarity.
  • Pack a small in-flight back- pack filled with coloring pencils, books, games, activities and a surprise new toy to keep them entertained.
  • Pack a change of extra clothes in your carry-on for any accidents or spills that might happen mid-flight.
  • Make sure you’ve got all your electronics fully charged and bring spare batteries and earbuds or headphones for iPods and iPads.

Make the cut

Whether you’ve rolled or folded, most of us always over-pack. Here’s how to cut it down:

  • Ask someone for their opinion on what you don’t need.
  • Place everything on the bed and take away at least four items. Do this until your bag is three-quarters full and not bursting at the seams.
  • Never take new clothes unless you’ve tried them on.
  • Do you really need five pairs of shoes?
  • Limit kids’ clothes to one outfit per day as they can often re-wear items that can be easily hand washed if needed.

Natural Selection

  • Choose items that you can dress up or dress down with a few accessories and a change of shoe.
  • Color coordinate your outfits, which makes it easier to take fewer pieces. For example pack all grey, black and white items in outfits, which can be mixed and matched with a pop of color.
  • Always pack a lightweight coat or jacket, even if traveling to the tropics, in case of a temperature drop on a breezy night.
  • Pack items that can double up in various ways. For example, a cashmere pashmina can be a wrap or scarf and also double as a blanket on flights.

What to Pack

BOSE Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones


When you want to block out the world (or the whining kids) these headphones have one of the best world-class noise cancellation systems that makes even the most annoying little voices quieter and your favorite music and movie sounds even crisper. They also deliver up to 20 hours of wireless listening per battery charge – enough for an entire overnight-haul flight! Yes, you can thank us later.

Finepix x100 Fuji Camera

¥7,350; Huan Long Camera Market, 360 Meiyuan Lu, near Moling Lu

If you’re a photographer or travel photo enthusiast, you’ll love this little gem of a camera. With the whole trend of “anything old again is new again,” this retro-style compact digital camera is one of the coolest cameras on the market. Not cheap but definitely worth a look and a perfect size for traveling.

Michael Kors Travel Tote


A well-designed travel tote with good inner pockets and lots of room is a must-have item for traveling. You want something that is still going to look chic and stylish for all your shopping trips, but practical and big enough to store all your travel documents, electronics, and extra kids’ things. You know you always get stuck holding the teddy, drink bottle, snacks, iPad, hat ... the list goes on forever, so you may as well make it a stylish bag.

Feine Cashmere Socks


Cashmere is one of life’s little luxuries and when you’re traveling with kids or even by yourself, it’s the little things that will make your flight more comfortable and enjoyable. Cashmere socks are cozy and warm and just the thing for long travels.

Pillow Talk Pillows

¥200; WeChat ID: npaminns

This custom-made “visa” pillow isn’t something we’re recommending taking on the flight but more to capture all your flights as memories after you return home. Check out the whole range of designs including other pillows featuring boarding passes, flight paths, bag tags and more.

Charles Philip Slip-on Shoes


We love any shoes by this local Shanghai designer, but the new range of slip-on sneakers come in some very cool colors, including vibrant red and blue snakeskin prints (featured) and bold leopard prints. This is the ultimate travel shoe for both comfort and style.

eco&more Travel Laundry Liquid

¥25 (small);

If like us, you’re a big fan of the Shanghai-based environmentally friendly brand eco & more, you’ll love the fact that now you can take your favorite products with you in-flight with this handy mini laundry liquid with eucalyptus oil.

Tory Burch Passport Holder


You’ll never lose your passport in your bag again if it’s in a brightly colored passport holder like this one. Easy to locate when the kids are testing your patience in the customs line-up.

Amazon Paperwhite 3rd Generation Kindle


Compact, light and easy to hold and use, this new version Kindle is one of the crispest e-paper screens you’ve ever seen! This one can hold over 1,000 books and a single charge lasts up to eight hours. It’s fully wireless and doesn’t require a computer to download content – just what a bookworm needs.

Mini Deodorant Spray

¥15; Watsons, various locations

There’s nothing worse than sitting next to someone on a long voyage who has obviously not used deodorant - don’t be that person! With so many mini travel versions on the market these days it’s super easy to feel fresh as a daisy while traveling.

Deep Cleansing Wipes

¥8; Watsons, various locations

Whether you’re traveling with little kids, big kids or just by yourself, wet wipes can be a lifesaver when you need them. Sticky fingers, spills, greasy food, or just for a quick freshen up, these can make all the difference when you’re on the go.