Exploring Jianguo Xi Lu

What to do on this iconic street of Shanghai

by ryanedwardkalb | Wed, July 12, 2017

District: Xuhui 

Cross Streets: Yueyang Road and Xiangyang Nan Lu

Nearest Metro Station: Zhaojiabang (Lines 4, 9)

Jianguo Xi Lu runs parallel to one of the main arteries coursing East to West through Shanghai, Zhaojiabang Lu. Often overlooked, this residential and cozy street possesses indie charm and an abundance of boutique designers, restaurants and specialty shops to fulfill the needs of tourists and locals alike.

Jump-start your jaunt at Momentum 

An outpost of Giant, Momentum is a globally renowned cycling company. This shop offers bicycles in a range of styles and brands. In addition to selling all the latest in cycling accessories and gear, it features a full service center for repairs. 441 Jianguo Xi Lu; 6437 5453

Have a drink at Pocho Social Club

While the opening hours are sometimes erratic, Pocho Social Club is one of the best local bars in the city. Housed on three intimate floors, this is the spot for a laid back drink in a cozy atmosphere. Their forte is 100% agave tequila and goblet-sized, tequila-infused cocktails with a healthy coating of salt. 376 Jianguo Xi Lu; 5419 8727

Continue at Octave

Octave combines ancient Chinese wisdom with Western science to promote a healthy lifestyle. One floor houses a farm-to-table restaurant and a separate open kitchen for cooking classes. It also has a full program of yoga classes and courses focused on nutritional well-being. 357 Jianguo Xi Lu; 3338 4666

Satisfy your caffeine fix at EDM Cafe 

Recharge your batteries at EDM Cafe, an organic, third-wave café with a Scandinavian design aesthetic. EDM Cafe has an extensive espresso menu, single origin and house blend drips, a mean cold-brew and a nice selection of teas. Make sure to sample one of their delectable desserts too. 348 Jianguo Xi Lu

Dine at Jianguo 328

All restaurants specializing in Shanghainese cuisine are not created equal, but Jianguo 328 is the real deal. Chef Karen Chen’s MSG-free food is cooked with purified water and high-quality oils. The dishes (try the giant pork meatball) deliver in subtlety and taste. 328 Jianguo Xi Lu; 6471 3819