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Exploring Fuzhou Lu

Lined with near-identical stationary shops, there are a few hidden gems if you look hard enough

by SHFamily | Mon, September 26, 2016

Street: Fuzhou Lu

District: Huangpu

Cross Streets: Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (E) & Xizang Zhong Lu (W)

Nearest Metro Station: Nanjing Dong Lu (Lines 2 & 10)


Historic Fuzhou Lu is lined with near-identical stationary shops, but hidden among them lie a few unique gems, from quirky international shops to elegant reminders of the street’s connections to Chinese art and calligraphy. 



Any artist running low on supplies will find Jinmi worth a visit. With hundreds of paint options lining the walls, its variety and quality surpass that of any other art shop on the street. Find basics such as pastels and spray paints or rarities like clay wire and mineral pigments.

Where: 480A Fuzhou Lu

Tel: 6360 4898


Shanghai Chaoqun and Huandong Culture Companies

With shelf upon shelf of intricate wooden carvings, Shanghai Chaoqun and Huandong Cultural Companies offers an authentic look at Chinese artistry. Trinkets, screens and jade and ebony pieces are also part of the mix, and no two pieces are the same.

Where: 356 Fuzhou Lu

Tel: 136 0168 1776


Shanghai Book Company

Shanghai Book Company is ideal for gift shopping: you’ll find journals, notepads, bags and magnets that nod to traditional Chinese culture in their design. Up a winding staircase lies a gallery of original Chinese-style paintings, as well as antique carvings, calligraphy and jewelry. 

Where: 424 Fuzhou Lu

Tel: 6322 0825


Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore

Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore is a haven for English-speaking bookworms thanks to its substantial selection of children’s and YA fiction and nonfiction, plus standardized test preparation, books on art and design and children’s toys.

Where: 390 Fuzhou Lu

Tel: 2320 4994


One More Cup

Far from the conventional café, One More Cup has a stunning variety of international ales and beers. While also serving coffee and food, the rustic shop sets itself apart with its plethora of high-quality brews at a reasonable price. 

Where: 346 Fuzhou Lu

Tel: 6329 3188


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