Exhibition Review: Beyond Rubik’s Cube

An interactive look into the world of puzzles

by SHFamily | Wed, November 30, 2016

In celebration of more than 40 years as the world's best selling puzzle toy, the internationally-acclaimed exhibition "Beyond Rubik's Cube" is now at the Shanghai Global Harbor museum, through February 2017. The inventor himself, Ernő Rubik, came to the opening, stating, "There is so much more to the cube than the thought of it just being a toy." And after checking out the exhibition, we agree. 


The Exhibition

Divided into three zones--Invent, Play and Inspire--visitors get the chance to interact and be inspired by the Rubik's cube in a variety of ways. They also get the opportunity to see what went in to making the puzzle, as well as what it means to actually solve the cube. Challenge yourself and attempt to solve puzzles, learn how the puzzles were created and how they connect to art and science. It's an opportunity for children and students to participate in hands-on learning, and for adults to get some insight behind an iconic childhood toy. 


Visitors also get the opportunity to interact with Ernő Rubik through a TV screen where he talks about the various platforms he used to make the cube, and answers questions regarding the importance of his creation. Click on questions about why he made the cube,  why it was successful, or ask him (through touching the screen) whether he was the first person to solve his own invention. 


Should You Go?

If you were a child of the 80's, definitely go. Or, if you have children who are interested in puzzles or basic computer programming (they can program robots to walk through a maze), it's worth the trip to Putuo. The exhibition contains interactive activities interesting for all age groups, as well as a table with machines that calculate how long it takes you to solve the Rubik’s cube. Get competitive with your family members, and also take the time to see the world’s most expensive cube worth $2.5 million USD.



Shanghai Global Harbor Museum

English Address: 4F, 3300 Zhongshan Bei Lu (near Jinshajiang Lu)

Chinese Address: 中山北路3300号月星环球港4楼, 近金沙江路

Cost: 70RMB and up

When: 10:30am-9:30pm every day except Monday, through Sunday, Feb 26, 2017


By: Ludovica D'Angio


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