Enrich Your Life: Envision the Year Ahead

Picture the perfect 2017 to help you set clear goals and stay motivated

by SHFamily | Sun, October 09, 2016

The new year is upon us and, by now, we’ve all started thinking about what goals we will set and what will be different in 2017 than in years past.


Sometimes, we know exactly what we want to manifest over the next 12 months. However, more often than not, we have vague goals (at best) and don’t have the precise clarity we need to make us more effective and energized to take on the new year. For example, “get in better shape” won’t necessarily yank you out of bed every morning. However, “reach 15 percent body fat by March 31st” is clear, measurable and has a specific time frame.


It calls for you to create a program that will deliver on this goal.


There are reasons why we often fail to create this clarity. Sometimes, the past is clouding the future. Maybe you had every intention of nailing a past goal, but fell off the cliff early and often, then eventually gave up.


As a result, you may hesitate to commit again. However, bringing closure to the past by owning what you did (or didn’t do), then letting it go and truly putting it behind you opens up the future to renewed possibility.



Sometimes, we keep things vague because of the accountability that comes with being specific. The clearer you are, the more accountable you’ll need to be. More often than not, this has to do with not creating enough of a “gut burn,” a burning desire or a very vivid picture of why you should bother (what becomes possible when you really tap into the possibilities you see for yourself and push yourself to excel). I have found doing just that is one of the most powerful beginning-of-year exercises you can do – creating that “story of the year,” or a precise picture of 2017. Here is how it works:


You are creating this coming year as if it’s December 31st, 2017, and you are looking back over the past 12 months. Imagine yourself just having completed the best year of your life. What happened? How did it happen? What is now in place that was just an idea a year ago? Sit down with a cup of tea or coffee in a quiet place and write a journal entry describing what your last year was like – get as creative as you want. Here are some thought-prompters to get you started:


  1. The personal breakthroughs you have achieved.
  2. The positive impact you had on the community, at work or with your family/children.
  3. The specific goals you set in the beginning of the year and how they were achieved.
  4. How others perceived you throughout the year, what they said, how they felt and how you were a great influence on them (include specific people).
  5. How you contributed to others and what became possible as a result.


Be specific and detailed about the exact picture you want to see, and include metrics and measurable results as much as possible. After you have your visualized big picture for 2017, chunk it down and create specific monthly and weekly actions that will bring it all to life. Review your story monthly to keep you focused and on track for a truly exceptional 2017.