Bucketlist Challenge: Spend ¥10,000 in 24 Hours!

It's time to break the bank

by EamonMacDonald | Mon, May 08, 2017

Shanghai is a city obsessed with money. With each and every skyscraper and colossal mall Shanghai proclaims its love for opulence. In fact, Shanghai seems to be a city where any and every experience is available, at the right price of course. We’ve walked past those ludicrously luxurious restaurants and shops too many times wondering: what if? What if we actually had wads of cash in our back pockets? If we smashed our piggy banks open, scraped together every last kwai we could find, what kind of bang could we expect for our buck in Shanghai? To answer this burning question we compiled an ultra-exclusive list. If you have a spare ¥10,000 just lying about and you’re not sure what to do with it, look no further.

Celebrate The Inaugural Grande Affaire de Champagne at the Peninsula, ¥10,288

The Peninsula often features in any list of how best to spend big money in Shanghai, but when the Peninsula throws a party, it definitely takes a starring role in these lists. On June 3rd and June 4th The Peninsula are marking their inaugural Grande Affaire de Champagne, and as such are throwing one of the city's most lavish celebrations yet. The event recognises the array of Champagne The Peninsula has to offer, and the stunning prices you can pay for them (but my aren't they worth it). In an effort to pull out all the stops the Peninsula have roped in one of their restaurants to help with the two day long festival: Sir Elly’s Restaurant & Bar. Sir Elly's is one of Shanghai’s premier fine dining destinations, and the one Michelin star restaurant has eye-watering prices to match its mouth-watering food. Regular service at Sir Elly’s is excellent, but Sir Elly’s can do much better than excellent. Every now and then they go all out, marking special occasions by constructing simply the finest meals they can come up with. Sir Elly’s will be celebrating The Peninsula’s Inaugural Grande Affaire de Champagne with what they term a “unique gastronomic experience”. The Gala Dinner Sir Elly’s are creating for this event features a six-course meal with bespoke champagne pairings. You can combine the meal with a stay at one of The Peninsula Hotel's famously spacious suites, this exuberant (or should that be exorbitant) evening will set you back a cool ¥10,288. We think that the meal and the room sound good...but if you're going to join in The Peninsula's party, you might as well do it properly. Which means getting on their massive yacht of course. Only this year The Peninusla bought a new yacht worth a million dollars (yeah you read that right), and the brand new ship is available for you to party on too, for only about ¥8,000. Basically, what we're saying is there's always a right time and place to do things, and if you're looking to spend big the time is June 3rd and 4th, the place is The Peninsula Shanghai. 

For more information and other pricing options for the Grand Affaire de Champagne, visit: http://shanghai.peninsula.com/en/default

Spa Treatment for Three, ¥11,340

There’s no point in spending like no one’s watching if… no one’s watching. If you plan on getting rid of some serious kwai share the memories with friends, or at least have someone to witness the extent of your spending powers. The best way to do this is to take two friends to the Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Peace Hotel. The Willow Stream's Top to Toe Treatment is said to “revitalise and awaken the senses” through 250 minutes of intense pampering. Following a Chinese Remedy Massage and Prestige Limitless Facial comes a Tea Essence Body Treatment and finally a Ginseng Herbal Bath, it’ll leave you so relaxed you might be able to forget how much it cost.  

For more information, visit: http://www.fairmont.com/peace-hotel-shanghai/willow-stream/

Five and a Half Thousand Xialongbao, ¥10,010

If you think 5,445 xialongbao is excessive you’re probably right, but isn’t Shanghai is the city of excess? Fu Chun Xiaolong is perhaps one of the only xialongbao places worth spending silly money on. Having featured on Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”, and more impressively having triumphed on our feature: “Shanghai’s Top 5 Xiaolongbao”, Fu Chun Xiaolong has a list of accolades which stretches as long as the queue that snakes outside its flagship Yuyuan Lu shop every lunchtime. When we included Fu Chun Xiaolong on our list of top xialongbao we said “it’ll be the best ¥22 you’ve ever spent in the city”. We can say with confidence that if you visited Fu Chun with the right kind of purpose and ambition, you could end up spending the best ¥10,010 you’ve ever spent in the Shanghai.

For more information, visit: http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/shanghai/directory/fu-chun

35 Minutes Helicopter Tour of Shanghai Two - ¥9,998

Shanghai’s first helicopter tour was launched two years ago, and a 35 minute trip around the city for two costs ¥9,998. Let’s break that down: for two people that works out at about ¥286 a minute. Or, almost ¥5 a second. The price is as dizzying as the journey, but everybody knows Shanghai looks better from high up. Forget the Shanghai Tower, the best views of the city can only be gleaned from flying 40km around the city’s most famous sights. In a strange way the helicopter ride is pretty economic, you can admire a host of the city’s most marvelled at landmarks in only half an hour. So if you’ve got buckets of money but no time, why not? The helicopter rides take off from the Gaodong Maritime Salvage Airport in Pudong and tickets are sold on-site where you can also book them.

Meal For Two – ¥12,000

Shanghai boasts an array of gastronomic experiences with astronomic prices, but for a genuinely unforgettable meal one restaurant rises above the rest. Ultraviolet, which can charge up to ¥6,000 for a meal, is the jewel in the crown of Shanghai’s dining scene. An evening at Ultraviolet involves being driven to an undisclosed location, and eating 20 outstanding courses whilst surrounded by a multimedia display designed to awaken all of your senses. The two Michelin starred restaurant featured on Asia’s Top 50 restaurant list. For more information or to check out other Shanghai restaurants similar in stature, check out our list of Special Occasion Restaurants in Shanghai: http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/shanghai/article/special-occasion-restaurants-shanghai