7 Top Homework Apps to Make School Life Easier

Technology's helping hand

by Anna Dixon | Thu, September 28, 2017

Kids have a lot to think about when it comes to school. Between classes and activities, homework assignments and exams, there are a lot of spinning plates in the air that could all come crashing down if not masterfully monitored. However, students today have something that we didn't have – technology. 

Here’s our rundown of the best apps for your kids to stay on track, stay organized, and stay motivated.

1. myHomework Student Planner

Price: Free with ads, $4.99 (USD) per year for ad-free (approx ¥35)

Compatibility: iOS, Mac, Android, Windows

myHomework is a comprehensive student planner that prides itself on its beauty, simplicity, and reliability. With a chic user interface, the application allows users to manage their school life by tracking classes, homework, tests, and assignments. The application allows students to prioritize assignments as they wish, and auto-detects the type of assignment according to its description.

 2. iHomework 2

Price: Free or Premium $8.99 (USD)/1 year (approx ¥60)

Compatibility: iOS, Mac

iHomework 2 allows students to track upcoming classes, assignments, and even their grades. Presented as a graph with a customizable grading scale, each assignment is weighted differently to provide students with the most accurate grade estimation. Apart from tracking school life, users can also input other important events such as sports practices or doctors appointments. The app allows them to sync between all devices so that they will never forget another due date!

3. The Homework App

Price: Free or Premium for $1.49 (USD)/month (approx ¥10)

Compatibility: iOS

The Homework App includes an assignment planner, timetable schedule, and the ability to contact your instructors. Users can sync their schedule between all devices, even when offline, and easily access in the notification center or lock screen. The application dashboard shows the workload for the upcoming week so students can always stay on top of due dates.  As the application claims, it has got “all the features you need to be a straight “A” student”. 

4. Pocket Schedule

Price: Free or Premium $1.99 (USD) (approx ¥15)

Compatibility: iOS

A class schedule and homework planner, this app works similar to an alarm clock, alerting you of upcoming due dates and appointments. Users can input their class schedule as well as customize each homework assignment. The schedule is presented as a list and as a calendar, allowing you to visualize immediate and long-term commitments. This is a simple solution for those looking to organize their school life. 

5. iStudiez Pro

Price: $2.99 (USD) (approx ¥20)

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac 

iStudiez Pro allows users to organize schedules, track assignments, share the school calendar with others and record grades. Assignments and classes are viewed in a customizable list and calendar format, and can also be ordered in terms of priority. The app can be synced to all devices and the schedule updates in real-time. It also includes a GPA calculator that works with grade percentages, points, and letters for all grading scales. 

6. My Study Life

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, Web

My Study Life helps students organize their workloads and schedules. The application supports both week and rotation class schedules, as well as letting users know when their next holiday is. The application even tracks homework completion, helpful for larger assignments that require more time to finish. Students can also view all tasks at one glance using the dashboard, helping them plan when to reserve study time before the exam date. With this application, users are on their way to becoming a star student.

7. Evernote

Price: Free or Plus for $34.99 (USD)/year (approx ¥230), and Premium for $69.99 (USD)/year (approx ¥460)

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

You may already be familiar with this multi-purpose app that allows users to take notes, forward emails and clip web pages, among many other functions. Evernote is also great at helping users keep their schedule organized by creating task lists, communicating with others for group projects, and syncing commitments across all devices. Evernote is the full package for those who are tired of switching between apps to keep school and social lives organized. 

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