14 Hacks for a Beautiful Home

Think outside the box

by Parents and Kids | Wed, January 10, 2018

By Connor Bell

Winter has been going strong and that means more time staying toasty and dry indoors. Make the most of your inside time by taking on one, or all, of these DIY home hack ideas! Each one is quick, easy, cheap and will give your home a totally fresh look!

Art Supplies

1.   Stick magnet strips to sippy cups and plastic water cups. Stick to the fridge for easy child access.

2.   Secure a unique shower curtain to a wooden frame or canvas for an oversized piece of statement art.

3.   Fold your sheets and put them inside one of the matching pillow cases for neat storage and easy access.

4.   Avoid the messy paint job and impending repaint when you move by simply wallpapering the insides of your bookshelves and furniture!

DIY Girl

5.   Hang shelves above your doorways for additional storage.

6.   Hide your modem and router in a pretty fabric box.

7.   Cover a boring mirror frame with your favorite fabric. Instant style on your walls.

8.   Use colored contact paper to decorate the kids room or nursery. Think stripes, spots or huge letters! 

Colours DIY

9.   Mount an IKEA towel rack (HJÄLMAREN) to the wall for stylish shoe storage.

10  Skip the paint and use contact paper for eye-catching wall stripes.

11.   Adhere some gold leaf to canvas pillow covers for a wow statement piece on your drab sofa.

12  Use a wine rack as a towel holder in the bathroom.

DIY Paint

13.   Breathe life into your old plant pots with metallic spray paint.

14.   Affix an IKEA magnetic knife rack (Grundtal) to the wall by the front door. This creates a perfect spot to hang keys and clip bills, lists and notes.


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