12 Great Places to Get Your Easter Treats in Shanghai

Still haven't sorted your Easter treats? We've got you covered!

by Cidonie Richards | Fri, April 14, 2017

Shanghai has just what you need to get you and your family a magical basket full of Easter treats (including loads of chocolate)! Here are a few places around town that you can go to buy whatever you need to make your Easter just that much more exciting. From chocolate, to Easter eggs, to Hot Cross Buns, to decorations.... There's a whole list!


1. Hershey’s Chocolate World

With two locations at malls in the city, the Hershey’s Chocolate World store is a great place to stock up on chocolate of all kinds. The store frequently offers deals if you buy more than one pack, so you can stockpile treats like classic Hershey’s bars, Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s, chocolate sandwich spreads and the one-of-a-kind Hershey’s World’s Largest Milk Chocolate Bar (all 2.6kg of it).

Where: Raffles City Mall, 290 Xizang Zhong Lu | Tel: 6352 0579

Where: Metro City Mall, 1/F, 1111 Zhaojiabang Lu | Tel: 6057 9595 

2. M&M’s World

If you’ve ever walked down Nanjing Lu’s pedestrian street, chances are you’ve come across the M&M’s flagship store. Paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth, this two-level store offers tons of M&M’s candy as well as towels, plush toys and even a “Great Wall of Chocolate.” Plus, you can customize your very own blend of M&M’s, which means you no longer have to only pick out the red ones ’cause those ones taste the best. 

Where: 829 Nanjing Dong Lu, Brilliance Shimao International Plaza | Tel: 2326 2888

3. Chocolate Happy Land

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Willy Wonka’s edible room, making a trip to Chocolate Happy Land’s “Sweet Garden of Eden” may be a close second! Located at the former Expo site in Pudong, this chocolate theme park is filled with chocolate characters like Hello Kitty, Garfield and Terracotta Warriors. They also hold DIY activities for the kids, including chocolate- and cookie-making.

Where: Zone C, 100 Bocheng Lu (near Houtan Lu) | Tel: 5100 1881 

4. Awfully Chocolate

If you’re looking for a quick indulgent treat, Awfully Chocolate may be the place for you. The philosophy at Awfully Chocolate is to “keep it simple,” so although you may find the menu small, they take special care to make sure every item offered is especially delicious. Specializing in chocolate cakes, fudge, ice cream, truffles and cupcakes, this shop is sure to satisfy your chocolate craving du jour. 

Where: There are many locations in different areas of Shanghai including Gubei, Middle Huaihai Lu and also in Pudong's Kerry Center and more. For all locations check out www.awfullychocolate.com 

5.  Zotter Chocolate Theatre

It’s time to plan your trip for the ultimate adventure in chocolate indulgence. At Zotter Chocolate Theatre, you can tour the chocolate factory and learn all about chocolate production – but best of all, you’re given a tasting spoon to sample chocolate goodies along the way. You can even sample different chocolate mixed with baijiu! At the end, you have the chance to design your very own chocolate mixture according to your preferences. It’s a chocolate experience not to be missed! 

Where: Bldg. 9, 2866 Yangshupu Lu (near Neijiang Lu) | Tel: 6016 1630

Easter Eggs:

1. Bastiaan Bakery

Mini eggs? Chocolate Easter bunnies? Bastiaan Bakery is the place to go to! This month they will be selling loads of these treats for the festivities. Even though it is quite a trek to get there, it is definitely worth it! If you want the online version, check out Fields online grocers for their deliveries too! There is a Bastiaan Bakery in Jing Qiao too, just on 238 Baihua Lu, near Biyun Lu. Where: Bastiaan Bakery, No. 2188 Hu Qing Ping Highway | Tel: 6406-4362

2. Godiva

Godiva is also doing everything chocolaty. It's a great way to go and stock up on chocolate! Let's face it, it will be a month of chocolate eating, we might as well get used to it! There are lots of shops around Shanghai, including in Lujiazui, IAPM and Nanjing Xi Lu alongside the one in Xintiandi.Where: Shop 106, Lane 123, 5 Xingye Lu, Xintiandi | Tel: 5382 0715

3. Epermarket

If you're running out of time to get your Easter Eggs and bunnies, you've still got time for a quick delivery. Check out Epermarket for their big range of super cute chocolate eggs, rabbits and hens.Where: www.epermarket.com

4. The COOK Bakery at Kerry Parkside

Known for their yummy treats all through the year, they also specialise in gourmet chocolate especially for Easter. You'll be amazed by the extravagant chocolate Easter eggs they have on display. There are also free easter eggs and cupcakes for people who go to see the Easter show at the Kerry Hotel Lobby at 2pm on April 15th and 16th. Where: 1388 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu | Tel: 6169 8888

Hot Cross Buns:

1. Baker & Spice

18¥ per bun is not very economical, however Baker & Spice do have quite good Hot Cross Buns that will make you love Easter so much more. With their deal of 95¥ for six buns, be sure to have a whole load to fill your cravings! Bastiaan Bakery have them too for a more economical price. Where: Baker and Spice, Shanghai Centre,1/F, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu | Tel: 6289 8875or 1/F, 195 Anfu Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu | Tel: 5404 2733

2. Remy's Patisserie 

If you're bringing your kids for a day out at Disneyland now that the weather is getting warmer and much more appealing, head to the resort where you will find Remy's Patisserie. You can find so many Easter treats at the moment, including hot cross buns, easter eggs and you can even do egg painting and other activities appropriately themed. Its a fun way to spend the holiday and get your kids to spend a lovely day out!Where: Huangzhao Rd, 川沙新镇 Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China | Tel: +86 21 2099 8001 



1. Jajaja Party 

Jajaja party in Jing Qiao has so many decorations that go from birthday ones to christmas ones, so they definitely have Easter decorations too! Get Easter cards, decorations for the dinner/lunch tables and so much more. If you're a fan of cute big balloons shaped as Easter eggs and bunny rabbits, knock yourself out here, you won't be disappointed! They also have an online store that you can order from!Where: No.158, Biyun Rd, Pudong | Tel: 86-21-68867279 or order online jajajaparty.com 

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